Greg de Serra (Licence BY-NC-ND)


French Austral Lands and Seas [Our heritage]

The French Austral Lands and Seas, the largest World Heritage site to date, comprise the largest of the rare emerged lands of the southern Indian Ocean....


The Loire "Voyage en patrimoine" on exhibition

Since mid-September, the "Voyage en patrimoine" (Heritage Journey) association has put on an exhibition that retraces the journey of two of its members...


Impressions of the Loire: the symphonic short film

Call for contributions for the creation of a short film on the symphonic version of the piece "Impressions de Loire", by Loire composer Thibaut Vuillermet...


The hazards of navigation - Portraits of the Loire during the Renaissance 3/6

The topic of the 3rd episode of our web series "Portraits of the Loire during the Renaissance” is navigation on the Loire.


Fest / Festival

10 July in Chalonnes-sur-Loire (49)

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16 July in Chançay (37)

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23 July in Chançay (37)

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29 July in Chaumont-sur-Loire (41)

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01 August in Chançay (37)

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05 August in Chaumont-sur-Loire (41)