People of the Loire Valley, season 2!

Published on 11 October 2019 - Updated 30 March 2020
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Our "People of the Loire Valley" video series is back for a new season! Still broadcast on social media, it gives the inhabitants of the Loire Valley a chance to speak, this year on the topic of "Views on the Loire Valley". The first five episodes are already available on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

What are the inhabitants' views of their environment? What is their relationship with the Loire and its landscapes?  

From Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Beaugency, via Béhuard, Rochecorbon, Mosnes and Chaumont-sur-Loire, we wanted to gather the testimony of these Loire people who are deeply attached to where they live.  

Broadcast on social networks ( Facebook and Youtube ), these videos are also a way to bring the voice of a few inhabitants to the other inhabitants of the Loire Valley... and beyond! 

© Bernard Lambert