Impressions of the Loire: the symphonic short film

Published on 02 October 2019 - Updated 29 October 2019
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Call for contributions for the creation of a short film on the symphonic version of the piece "Impressions de Loire", by Loire composer Thibaut Vuillermet.

For this composition, Thibaut Vuillermet has translated into music the impressions evoked by the Loire, along whose banks he has walked since he was a child, and where he likes to go regularly to recharge his batteries.  

Thibaut Vuillermet has always been touched by the many "Loire lovers" he has come into contact with while having this piece played. Those who live near the river know its landscapes, dynamics and colours that vary over the seasons...  

He is now looking to give a new dimension to this work by creating a symphonic version accompanied by an illustrative film in which the music and images are in symbiosis.  

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