For a Loire Parliament

Published on 01 October 2019 - Updated 29 October 2019
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What if, for the first time in Europe, a river had the opportunity to express itself and defend its interests through a new system of representation? Participate in the process of creating a Loire Parliament led by the POLAU (Arts & Urban Planning Cluster) and its partners (Mission Val de Loire, CICLIC, COAL, Établissement public Loire and CGET).

Will the Centre-Val de Loire Region be the first European region to create a "parliament of humans and non-humans" to represent a river? 

Led by the writer and legal practitioner Camille de Toledo, the commission for the creation of a parliament of humans and non-humans linked to the river invites you to follow its investigation work. The aim is to create the first parliament for a non-human entity - the river - where the fauna, the flora and the various tangible and intangible components of the Loire would be represented.  

This process is structured through a series of public hearings that set up a dialogue between an interdisciplinary committee comprising individuals interested in creating the Parliament, professionals (philosophers, anthropologists, biologists, legal practitioners, etc.) and users of the Loire.  

The hearings for the creation of this Loire Parliament began on 19 October 2019 in the presence of philosopher Bruno Latour, researcher and theatre director Frédérique Aït-Touati, landscape architect Bruno Marmiroli and archaeologist Virginie Serna. They will continue until late spring 2020.  

Dates of the hearings:  

Follow the progress of this constituent process and ask questions that will be passed on during the public hearings: Loire Parliament Facebook page  

Parlement de Loire
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