Designing a mediation strategy

Published on 17 October 2016 - Updated 16 December 2019

Mediation of heritage values is central to managing a world heritage site. Article 27 of the World Heritage Convention gives a reminder that States shall endeavour "to strengthen appreciation and respect by their peoples of the cultural and natural heritage". On the Loire Valley site, these mediation aims are conveyed in the management plan – especially in Guideline 8. In this context, how can a mediation strategy be designed with the target groups in mind? What tools are available?

To know...

  • La médiation constitue un outil pour formaliser une politique des publics.
  • La médiation permet de vulgariser un matériau scientifique ou culturel auprès du public cible.
  • Une médiation doit être conçue pour répondre aux attentes d’un public précis.
  • Les supports de médiation doivent être adaptés aux contraintes et besoins du public.
  • Certains publics ne sont pas accessibles par la médiation.

Promoting heritage 


specific groups 

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How to ?

  • Collect the necessary scientific and historical data by drawing on appropriate expertise
  • Determine the target group and analyse its requirements and practices
  • Present the information collected in a style and language that the target group can understand
  • Choose the right format for the group, in terms of device (digital or physical) and accessibility