“CUBE” exhibition in Blois

Published on 11 July 2017 - Updated 04 January 2021

The challenge of outreach events in the public space

Raising overall awareness of the themes of architecture and heritage is of paramount importance. The aim of "cube" exhibitions is to yield insight into urban living and the urban regeneration policy, showcasing heritage within a dynamic vision. Cubes are a way of organising outreach events in public space where developments are taking place. Two exhibitions have been curated.


Safeguarding the identity of a neighbourhood and protecting its vitality means rooting it in the present-day. Public outreach events are important and should not be overlooked: sharing heritage with others implies nurturing ties between people. It particularly involves teaching them never to look at history as an object of the past, destined to take its place in museums. The overarching theme running through “cube” exhibitions is the modern relevance of this idea of heritage.  


  • Ensure that historical heritage and defining features of our living environments are shared with future generations in a mindset of collective responsibility.
  • Enable an understanding of the past, to live in the present and prepare for the future.
  • Set in motion a process of realisation and assimilation of areas through outreach activities.
  • Develop the notion of urban citizenship. 
  • Set current lifestyles against the requirements of safeguarding heritage.

Outcome and outlook

Publications have emerged in connection with the exhibitions, and initiated the “Focus sur Blois” collection:  

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  • Bibliographie et documents

Jusqu'au XVIIe siècle, Vienne est un faubourg indépendant de Blois. De cette autonomie, le quartier développe une identité à part, perceptible à travers des particularités architecturales, des activités de loisirs et des métiers anciens typiques. Ce livret constitue le catalogue de l'exposition de la Ville de Blois consacrée au Quartier Vienne en 2015.
  • Resources
  • Bibliographie et documents

Le château royal de Blois est l’une des rares demeures royales à être fortement ancrée dans le paysage urbain. De cette originalité, les urbanistes et paysagistes constatent un château souvent mal relié à sa ville aussi bien visuellement que physiquement. Les aménagements successifs des abords du château ont brouillé la lecture homogène du site. L’exemple le plus flagrant est celui des jardins royaux.

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