"freewheeling", a cycling tourism brand in Centre-Val de Loire

Published on 04 June 2018 - Updated 14 June 2018
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The Centre Val de Loire Regional Tourism Board is launching a new brand – "... en roue libre" (freewheeling) – with the aim of "conveying the gentle way of life" across all of the Region’s tourist initiatives. It should help to unite the Region’s offering in terms of cycling tourism and "slow tourism".

Over the past few days, the "... en roue libre" brand has begun to appear on tourist documents in Centre Val de Loire. and will steadily gain prominence across regional tourism offerings. You can already see it on documents for the  Échappées à vélo festival (which combines cycling with culture and heritage) in Centre-Val de Loire, and which will be running from 26 May to 23 September region-wide. 

"... en roue libre" is hoping to convey a different image of tourism, that chimes more with the gentle lifestyle unique to the Loire Valley. 

To find out more visit: http://www.tourisme-pro-centre.fr/actualites/en-roue-libre-plus-qu-une-marque-l-expression-d-un-etat-d-esprit