World heritage and regional planning

Published on 17 October 2016 - Updated 16 November 2016
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On 2 September 2016, the partners that have signed up to the "world heritage and regional planning" pilot scheme gathered in Tours for a meeting organised by Mission Val de Loire. Some fifty local authority officials, elected representatives and professionals came together to share their experiences and discuss the tools and methods necessary for moving forward.

Myriam Laidet, Heritage and Territorial Action Policy Officer at Mission Val de Loire, opened the day's events by getting a discussion going on the methodological aspects identified from the pilot schemes and on the knowledge tools under production (block diagrams of six landscape sequences, accompanying videos). 

Four workshops were then run by urban planning agencies from the Tours and Orléans urban areas and the Indre-et-Loire Council of Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment (CAUE) to pool everyone’s experiences from the testimony given by one of the partner authorities

  • Grand saumurois joint association: the World Heritage section of the Territorial Coherency Plan (SCOT)
  • Angers Loire métropole: the Loire Valley Planning and Programming Guideline (OAP) of the intermunicipal Local Urban Development Plan (PLUi)
  • Amboise: the World Heritage section of the Area for Enhancing Architecture and Heritage (AVAP)  
  • Loiret Département-level Council: the World Heritage section of the project for crossing the Loire Valley at Mardié.

The morning ended with discussions inspired by the national viewpoint provided by Corinne Langlois from the National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) with feedback from the FNAU network on territorial heritage. 

The afternoon kicked off with a presentation by Mickaël Poiroux, Innovation and Digital Policy Officer at Mission Val de Loire, of the World Heritage resource portal ( portail ressources patrimoine mondial ) which will catalogue past achievements, methodological aspects and tools produced during the "World Heritage and Regional Planning" initiative. 

The day ended with three workshops: 

  • two run by the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park (Pnr) and Loir-et-Cher CAUE on the adoption of a project (example of the Loire City Centre Development in Blois (ACVL) and dialogue (example of the Tours urban quality charter).
  • one run by Mission Val de Loire on information and facilitation tools for continuing with and building on the exchange of experiences between urban planning professionals on the consideration of world heritage in project urban planning.

The participants will be able to access the presentations made within each of the workshops as well as the contents of the guide "Developing in harmony with world heritage" from 23 November on the Loire Valley resource portal. 

Atelier professionnel patrimoine mondial et aménagement du territoire


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