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Published on 18 October 2016 - Updated 20 July 2017
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After three years of joint design and development efforts with the listed site stakeholders, Mission Val de Loire has finally launched the Loire Valley World Heritage resource portal online. This is a makeover of the website, aimed at federating, pooling, involving and rallying for the sake of the UNESCO site's protection and promotion. Its aim is to provide access to knowledge produced and acquired within the area, its heritage values, as well as the institutions, professionals and associations which work for its benefit on a daily basis.

This project is being jointly funded by the European Union, which is lending its assistance to the Centre-Val de Loire region through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

A website designed with you in mind

This website provides tools for Mission Val de Loire’s role as a resource structure, as well as its roles as a facilitator and forum of stakeholders. These three roles reflect what Mission Val de Loire represents for the region’s stakeholders. 

The website has been designed as a tool for use by the region's stakeholders

  • A knowledge tool: give a helping hand regarding mediation and interpretation of the region
  • A governance tool: support action in the region
  • A working tool: support day-to-day assignments and practices

Use the portal to…
… save time during your day-to-day assignments
… find precise and targeted information
… ask yourself the right questions
… find resources that are ready to use
… broaden your network
… showcase and promote your achievements/accomplishments 

The portal adopts the principles of: 

  • added value with a qualified selection of resources, focusing on "the essentials" (rather than aiming for an unattainable exhaustive collection)
  • complementary working by providing a reference list indicating existing schemes and stakeholders (rather than accumulating data which swiftly become obsolete)

Page design reflects the most recent practices: 

  • Spacious interfaces which are light on text so that you can quickly find what you are looking for
  • Adjustable interfaces mean that content can be added at all levels
  • Adaptive design to suit different types of device (PC, smartphones, tablets)

Sneak preview of the website

The finishing touches are now being put to the website which will be inaugurated on 23 November during the Rendezvous of the Loire Valley . Here's an overview of the six sections available to users depending on their expectations and needs. 


This popular section among visitors remains unchanged, with: 

  • All the latest
  • The events calendar
  • Web monitoring
  • The chance to sign up for our newsletters


For the time being, this section is basically the "heritage" section of the previous website, renamed. Over the next few weeks, it will also present the UNESCO listing and of the Loire Valley, according to two approaches: one from a historical perspective and the other in terms of human geography. 

It will make use of the content of the mobile app “Le Val de Loire vu du train” and the multimedia exhibition on the cultural landscape of the Loire Valley, both of which were produced by Mission Val de Loire. 

For each heritage item, suggestions of resources may also be made to users, such as key stakeholders, data portals, bibliographic references and videos. 


This section will contain action factsheets categorised into key areas: Urban planning & regional development, Education & culture, Communication, Environment, Tourism & leisure. 

Each factsheet will include recommendations or points to be vigilant about, past achievements, contacts for getting assistance and methodological aspects with links to resources (regulatory tools, stakeholders, data, communication tools and so on). 


This section presents the governance plan of the listed site as well as the management plan. It zooms in on Mission Val de Loire and the dialogue efforts (networks and meetings) it carries out. 


This section is currently being put together, and will list all the resources. 

Already available: 

  • Methodological and regulatory tools
  • Funding
  • Data
  • Communication
  • Travelling exhibitions

Over the next few weeks: 

  • Directory of stakeholders
  • Past achievements
  • Teaching resources
  • Bibliography and documents


This section will become available when the website is inaugurated and display a range of geolocated website resources, with a better interface than the last website. 

Working together

Overseen by Mission Val de Loire, the co-design approach adopted involved the Loire Valley stakeholders in successive stages, from the most local to the most distant level (the Mission Val de Loire team, networks of partner stakeholders, elected representatives and officials of local authorities and State departments and finally professionals and representatives of associations) – who were thus brought on board through the mediation meetings, local authority meetings and dedicated workshops throughout its development stages: exploratory study (2014), design (2015), production (2016). 

During the various workshops, the merits of such a tool became clear to everyone, as did the way they could each make their contribution to it. Indeed, this website is dependent on the participation of the listed site stakeholders to work. 

So please feel free to share your initial impressions with us by contacting Mickaël Poiroux, Innovation and Digital Policy Officer at Mission Val de Loire:  


© ABFPM / Olivier Sampson


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