Mission Val de Loire

Published on 23 January 2015 - Updated 23 April 2020
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Founded in 2002, Mission Val de Loire is an inter-regional joint association supported by the Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire Regions. It acts as a coordinator for the State, local authorities and all of the UNESCO site stakeholders.


Mission Val de Loire helps: 

  • residents and visitors to assimilate the values of the site's listing through educational, cultural mediation and communication initiatives,
  • support local authorities to take the values of the UNESCO listing on board in plans and projects.
  • run programmes and actions for both Regions,in line with their public policy priorities.

It plays a part in drawing up and delivering the action programme for implementing the UNESCO site management plan for the following guidelines: 


Mission Val de Loire, as the stakeholders see it:
• Network leader / Stakeholders' forum
• Facilitator
• Resource centre 

As the only entity to be operating at the scale of the whole UNESCO site, Mission Val de Loire is a meeting place for all the stakeholders, with their diverse geographic locations, statuses and activities. The networks and meetings it organises are ideal settings for stakeholders to get together and talk about the subject of managing the UNESCO site. 

In its position as network leader and forum, Mission Val de Loire is called on by the stakeholders to support them in their projects..  

Mission Val de Loire lends assistance through the advice that its team provides, the servicesit delivers and the expertise it makes available.  

Its website, valdeloire.org, is a portal todirect stakeholders more easily towards the resources they need for their project: skills, tools and so on. 

Annual reports

On this website:



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