Planning and programming guidelines (OAP)

Published on 27 September 2016 - Updated 04 January 2021

Introduced in 2010 by the Grenelle 2 environmental legislation, planning and programming guidelines (OAPs) are one of the key components of the Local Urban Development Plan (PLU) file. They explain how the local authority hopes to enhance, renovate, reorganise or develop neighbourhoods or sectors across its jurisdiction.

They align with the guidelines of the Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Project (PADD). OAPs can target certain sectors in particular, depending on the local authority’s areas of priority. In the Loire Valley, they thus represent an operational tool for introducing into the PLU the landscape framework and heritage protection objectives.  

The Decree of 28 December 2015, updating the content of PLUs, added to the legislative provisions applicable to planning and programming guidelines. 

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