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Published on 27 September 2016 - Updated 04 January 2021

Listed sites are places whose outstanding character warrants national protection (remarkable landmarks, places harbouring vestiges worth safeguarding, or places of remembrance for the events that took place there).

A site listing confers regulatory protection under the Act of 21 April 1906, rounded off by the Act of 2 May 1930 and henceforth codified by the Environment Code (CE) in Articles 3 341-1 et seq.  

It concerns natural monuments and sites whose "conservation or preservation is in the general interest from an artistic, historical, scientific, mythological or picturesque point of view" (Article L 341-1, CE).  

These sites are places whose outstanding character warrants national protection. The protection measure is aimed at safeguarding the quality and integrity of the site by protecting it from any serious encroachment.  

OUV and listed sites

The State has pledged to leverage the “listed site” instrument to protect the most symbolic sectors of the Loire Valley’s Outstanding Universal Value, which meet the eligibility criteria for such protection. Said pledge is one of the guidelines set out in the Management Plan for the Inscribed Property.  

The programme rolled out across the 2 Regions (Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire) coming within the boundaries of the UNESCO Loire Valley site aims at applying this tool with respect to the 25 entities identified. 

The presentation report justifying the protection identifies and describes the aspects of the OUV present across the sector. The resulting easement enables its protection by guiding its development over time.  

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