Promoting and raising awareness of heritage 2017 call for proposals

Published on 03 March 2017 - Updated 09 February 2021

In keeping with the conclusions of the Regional Advisory Conference on Culture (CRCC), the Pays de la Loire Region wants to strengthen its action in support of Loire cultural heritage. In order to do this, a new call for proposals aimed at encouraging, supporting and assisting enhancement and promotion activities for regional cultural heritage was suggested by the regional elected representatives during the standing commission on 3 February 2017.

The closing date for entries is 21 April 2017: 

Promoting and raising awareness of heritage 2017 pack  

The scheme’s objectives

  • Enable cultural heritage to play its full role as a social link and tool to open up the local areas
  • Strengthen the cultural and tourist appeal of Pays de la Loire through its heritage
  • Support innovative initiatives which contribute to showcasing and promoting regional heritage to the general public, in particular through artistic creation, digital technology development and educational innovation
  • Assist collaborations between public and private stakeholders, including, in particular, heritage sites, artistic teams and venues in the local areas
  • Promote the professionalisation of facilitators on heritage
  • Improve the reception of the public at the Loire heritage sites
  • Encourage discussion on raising awareness and education about heritage


The call for proposals is aimed at: 

  • Pays de la Loire foundations, associations and worker cooperatives (SCOP)
  • Pays de la Loire public institutions and local authorities
  • Pays de la Loire employer groups and social and solidarity companies.

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