Pleasures of the Loire (1800-1970)

Published on 17 October 2016 - Updated 29 March 2019

Bathing, swimming, rowing, contemplating and even lazing about: many are the pastimes that can be enjoyed beside most rivers and seashores! But recreation on the Loire underwent specific developments between the turn of the 19th century and 1970s, which "Pleasures of the Loire" seeks to unveil to young readers and remind older readers of – who may feel nostalgic about not being able to step in the same river twice!

20 graphic panels, 120x180, for indoor and outdoor use (on self-standing displays). 


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From the mid 19th century until the late 1960s, the river provided the setting for all sorts of leisure activities. Everywhere, people went bathing, rowing, fishing ... or simply contented themselves with watching a show or contemplating the river itself. Through "Pleasures of the Loire", dive into the unique world of riverside cafés with dancing and entertainment as well as other social venues along the Loire's banks.

Livret enfants

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Through a series of multiple-choice questions organised into themes, this activity pad for 8-12 year olds gives them an insight into the travelling exhibition "The Loire Fleet during the 18th century". Mainly intended to be completed independently by families, they could also be used as part of school or extracurricular events.

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