Fishing on the Loire

Published on 10 May 2019 - Updated 09 October 2019

Fishing on the Loire is a very ancient practice. Regulated since the Middle Ages, it is rooted in history and is pursued by various stakeholders, all sharing a single watercourse. But this environment, in terms of both biodiversity and climate, is now undergoing vigorous evolution.

Fishing has long provided a necessary supplement to the diet of those living alongside the river. For some of them, to a certain extent, this is still the case today. There are a variety of different stakeholders and techniques, although generally these tend to base themselves on experience, observation and the currents.  

However, there are now other issues at stake which relate specifically to the shared use of a single area for various fishing practices and for other purposes by a variety of different stakeholders. Moreover, the aquatic environment, when subjected to various pressures and changes, tends to undergo vigorous evolution.  

This exhibition aims to question and challenge some of the responses which are no doubt present within the attitudes of all the river’s current and future users, and not just those of its anglers. 

Evolutions in biodiversity and climate change, and our capacity to restore the river to an ecologically acceptable state, are having and will continue to have an impact on usages and practices.  

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This exhibition has been developed by the Mission Val-de-Loire on behalf of the Centre-Val- de-Loire and Pays-de-la-Loire Regions.  

20 graphic panels 120 x180 for both indoor and outdoor use (self-supporting).  

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