Au fil de la Loire

Published on 27 March 2018 - Updated 18 April 2018

Since 1999, schoolchildren and students in the Loire catchment area have produced several hundred giant showpieces in all for the educational programme “Rivières d’Images et Fleuves de Mots” (Rivers of Images and Words). After the grand exhibition ending each edition, the exhibits are kept by SOS Loire Vivante. But they are not forgotten! The artworks are loaned at regular intervals to associations, local authorities or schools for exhibitions in the local areas within the Loire catchment area.

They are made available free of charge; the organisers only need to pay for carriage costs. 

Exhibitions can put on show just a handful of works, or several dozen. You are free to choose the number, and which artworks most interest you! 

The canvases are fabric-based, measuring around 1.5 x 2.5 metres and can be displayed out of doors: the paint is water-resistant. They comprise 10 doubles-laces or eyelets distributed around the canvas and can be hung on exhibition grid panels or taut wire.  

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