André Leroy, a leading French figure of the 19th century horticultural and landscape revival

Published on 31 January 2018 - Updated 29 March 2019

This exhibition traces the career of André Leroy, a famous 19th-century nursery gardener from Angers who was also a master garden designer and renowned botanist. It is based in particular on photographs and layouts of gardens designed by André Leroy in the Loire Valley.

The 6 panels making up this exhibition: 

  1. The garden: a family adventure
  2. An international nurseryman
  3. The horticultural botanist
  4. The artist, designer of gardeners
  5. Parks renewing the Anjou landscape
  6. Designs in West France – beyond the borders of Anjou

It has been curated by Isabelle Levêque, "Parks, Gardens and Landscapes" officer at the Département-level Heritage Commission (Directorate for Culture and Heritage). 


Panneaux de présentation "André Leroy, une gloire française du renouveau horticole et paysager du XIXe siècle" (PDF, 5.40 MB)  

To mark the "Gardens in the Loire Valley 2017" season, Mission Val de Loire put on 3 travelling "mini-exhibitions" for stakeholders and partners exploring the garden theme, aimed at rounding off the initiative: 

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