Yellow safety jackets along the Loire

Published on 26 July 2017 - Updated 23 April 2020

  • 2016 - 2017

Label Patrimoine Mondial

Ligerian Encounters or the “jacketeers”

Although scorned by most schoolchildren, yellow safety jackets help make significant reductions in the number of accidents caused by cyclists not being clearly visible to motorists. “Gilet Jaune au fil de la Loire” is a light-hearted preventive tool designed to encourage teenagers to wear safety jackets through discovery of a shared heritage. 27 2nd-year pupils at Hubert Fillay lower secondary school in Bracieux created an exhibition entitled “Le gilet jaune au fil de l’Histoire” (The Yellow Safety Jacket in History) with a view to raising awareness among pupils in other Loire Valley secondary schools.


  • Raising teenagers’ awareness on wearing yellow safety jackets
  • Exchanging views on projects carried out around the Loire
  • Designing and mounting an interactive multidisciplinary exhibition


The accident prevention project was first of all designed by changing the focus of the 2nd-year history programme, on the initiative of History and Geography teacher Romaric Barré. He jokingly imagined a medieval society that used the yellow safety jacket automatically, turning the idea into an exhibition entitled “Le gilet jaune au fil de l’Histoire”. Creating a reflex is one of the objectives of citizenship. 

The exhibition then became interactive (with the help of tablets) and was taken on the road. All in all, the Loire is ideal for this, and “Le gilet jaune au fil de la Loire” bears witness to the fact, making contact with local secondary schoolchildren on bikes. 

Assessment and prospects

27 pupils have become ambassadors for road safety as well as for La Loire à Vélo: the “jacketeers”. During Ligerian Encounters in late May/early June 2017, they pedalled their way to the lower secondary schools in Onzain, Amboise, Avoine and Luynes to present their exhibition there.