La Creusille harbour in Blois

Published on 15 December 2016 - Updated 04 January 2021

A timber floating pontoon has been laid out in the harbour to set the stage for river tourism to develop. The harbour quays have been restored and the slipway extended as far as the pontoon.


Five operations have been carried out: 

Preparing the groundwork

Lot servicing (electricity, water and sanitation) now means that cultural events can be held and refreshment areas have been set up. There has been an open-air café on the site over the summer months since 2010.   


These footpaths have been renovated along with the cycle paths in connection with the Loire à vélo itinerary. Leisure and relaxation areas have also been laid out.   


Some of the thick vegetation of ageing shrubs has been cleared to create viewpoints over the Loire and showcase the remarkable trees growing on the site.   


To improve the quality of welcome for site users, reversible amenities have been set up, including a public washroom and boatman’s cabin. The playground has been given a makeover in the boating theme.   


An overall approach has been taken to the project, including recreational facilities, access for pedestrians and cyclists, urban furniture and the renovation of a Loire harbour to enhance a village centre riverscape.    

A pilot site in terms of tourism and use by residents: high potential for river tourism, cycling tourism and hosting of cultural events (24,000 visitors flocked to the open-air café in 2014).