La Chapelle-sur-Loire harbour and viewpoint

Published on 22 November 2016 - Updated 04 January 2021

La Chapelle-sur-Loire has carried out four stages of restoration work on its village centre harbour.


A harbour and a slipway

A pier has been laid out in the harbour to enable a river shuttle (a traditional flat-bottomed barge, the toue sablière) to draw alongside, operated by an association. The slipway has been restored. 

A viewpoint

This viewpoint over the Loire has been laid out above the quay, as a promontory, next to the church, complete with an esplanade and timber benches (cubes). The location affords a panoramic view over the Loire.   

Access through the village centre

Works have been done to slow traffic as it drives through: road surfacing; the parking areas have been renovated and cobblestones have been laid on the pavements beside the church.   

A visitor centre

A "Loire & Nature" centre has opened in the context of an association, with a view to organising a range of activities linked to boating and sightseeing during the summer months.   


An overall approach has been taken to the project, addressing at once the harbour, the quays, a viewpoint, the public areas in the village centre and a visitor and events centre.   

Contribution to the economic development of the village thanks to tourism. By organising the river shuttle service, some of the visitors and cyclists using the Loire à Vélo cycle path have been captured (approximately 850 passengers transported each summer). 

The "Loire & Nature" centre’s remit has been defined together with residents.