Jargeau Plage

Published on 15 December 2016 - Updated 04 January 2021

  • 2010

Creation of a recreational site on the Loire banks

On the Loire banks since 2010 over the summer. This initiative is aimed at boosting the tourist and recreational appeal of Jargeau, not least by laying down sand to give the appearance of a beach as well as thematic developments that vary from year to year.



Located between the camp site and the beach at Jargeau Plage, the playground was renovated in the winter of 2013. 


Devegetation of the Loire banks and riverbed, between Jargeau bridge and Isle aux Moulins camp site, took place in October and November 2013 following a landscape study conducted by the State authorities. 


In the medium-term, the town is planning a technical and landscape study to enhance the quality of the site for visitors, especially by laying out a picnic area and a car park and by making the site more attractive   


Revitalising the Loire banks thanks to a summer cultural event, maintenance work and developments for children.   

Increasing footfall in the local shops and camp site of Jargeau and improving the tourist facilities in the town (Jargeau Plage accommodated 18,000 visitors in 2014).