Plessis-Macé. A fortress at the gates of Angers

Published on 17 July 2019 - Updated 03 September 2019

Plessis-Macé Castle, which is owned by the Maine-et-Loire Département, is the subject of the work entitled "A fortress at the gates of Angers", the 1st issue in the "Carnets d'Anjou" collection co-edited by the Département and by Éditions 303.

The visitor’s first impression of Plessis-Macé castle, which stands on the outskirts of Angers, is of a powerful stronghold surrounded by a moat and high curtain walls.  

A quite different impression is gained from within the courtyard, which burgeons with the results of an ambitious residential programme achieved over several decades.  

The carved volumes of the castle buildings, which bristle with dormer windows and turrets, provide a luxurious setting for this stately home which has played host to several French kings.  

The work introduces Éditions 303’s new collection of books, the “Carnets d’Anjou”. Introduced by the Maine-et-Loire Département, the Carnets d’Anjou collection encourages its readers to explore the area’s rich heritage through the diversity of the region’s sites, works and memories.  

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Le Plessis-Macé. Une forteresse aux portes d'Angers



  • Emmanuel LITOUX, Étienne VACQUET


  • 303
  • Conseil départemental de Maine-et-Loire

Collection ou revue

  • Carnets d'Anjou
  • 2019