“Explorateurs et voyageurs”

Published on 17 November 2016 - Updated 23 December 2016

From imaginary travels to expeditions to faraway places, historian, botanist, artist, geographer, anthropologist and writer recall in turn the great seafarers who have left their mark on history, Viking incursions up the Loire, botanical expeditions, and the literary adventures described in stories, poetry and comic strips.

Articles include: 

  • Scandinavian incursions into the Loire Valley in the 9th and early 10th centuries / Noël-Yves Tonnerre, Medieval Historian, Emeritus Professor at Angers University
  • Ligerian seafarers in discovery of the world, 16th-20th century / David Plouviez, Historian
  • Botanical exploration in Pays de la Loire / Pascal Lacroix, Botanist
  • The Inventory surveyors / Nathalie Heinich, Sociologist
  • “Tourist travel”. Identification, transmission and affiliation / Saskia Cousin, Anthropologist

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