Natural heritage, cultural heritage: what shared ambitions?

Published on 18 November 2016 - Updated 23 December 2016

The minutes below list the various speakers and topics covered in the seminar on the links between natural and cultural heritage held on 22 and 23 June 2016, organised by the Fédération des Conservatoires d'Espaces Naturels (FCEN – Federation of Natural Area Conservatories) in partnership with Mission Val de Loire, in the context of the Loire Nature Resource Centre. Presentations are also accessible online.



  • Presentation of the Ligerian Natural Heritage Resource Centre and seminar objectives (John Holliday, FCEN)
  • Trajectories for management of natural heritage and cultural heritage (Stéphanie Hudin, FCEN and Isabelle Longuet, Mission Val de Loire)
  • Age-old interaction between humankind and the Allier: a crosscutting approach to heritages for their reappropriation by riverside residents (Magalie Rambourdin, Allier Natural Areas Conservatory (CEN Allier))
  • Free evolution and rewilding: towards an evolution of the patrimoniality of protected areas (Régis Barraud, University of Poitiers)
  • The groynes of the Armorican Loire: emergence of a heritage value beyond nature and culture (Hervé Davodeau and David Montembault National Institute of Horticulture, Angers Agrocampus)
  • Appropriation of the Loire by the local population and preservation of biodiversity: layout of a bathing area in Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire (Yves Joulain, Maison de la Loire, Anjou)
  • Reconciliation of bat species issues with built heritage (Bastien Martin, Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park (PNR Loire Anjou Touraine)
  • Reconciliation of uses and preservation of natural heritage: pastoral management of the Loire’s banks (Nolwenn Baudouin, Centre-Loire Valley Natural Areas Conservatory (CEN Centre – Val de Loire))
  • Conclusion of the first day (Jacky Vieux, founder and facilitator, Maison du Fleuve Rhône)


  • Visit to and presentation of the ecological management of Château de Villandry (Henri Carvallo, the Château’s owner)
  • Reading the landscape (David Montembault, National Institute of Horticulture, Angers Agrocampus, and Mélanie Chollet, PNR Loire Anjou Touraine)
  • Val de Langeais: its landscape and biodiversity, and the management set up to protect it (CEN Centre – Val de Loire)
  • Action strategy selected by the State to manage flood risk. Evolution of the Loire riverbed and management issues (Stéphane Braud, DREAL Centre)
  • The port of Bréhémont’s heritage (Rémi Deleplancque, Mission Val de Loire)

Conclusion of the seminar

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