Vineyards: Vitour accumulates best practices in landscaping

Published on 27 April 2012 - Updated 11 May 2012
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The last Vitour Landscape project seminar, which was held in Chinon from 24 to 27 April 2012, brought together 10 European vineyards included on the World Heritage list. It also provided an opportunity for exchanges with the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. A meeting was held alongside the seminar, focusing on the possibility of the Loire Valley implementing a practice first developed in Tuscany: the creation of landscape and heritage atlases. The project now has its own blog: myVitour.

Landscape atlases to help preserve winegrowing landscapes?

Massima Carta, architect and town planner at the University of Florence’s LARIST Laboratory, gave a presentation on the work he has carried out on landscape and heritage atlases to a workgroup made up of representatives of the Cellule Terroirs d’Interloire, the INAO and Mission Val de Loire (Loir-et-Cher Chamber of Agriculture is also associated with the approach). 

A number of examples were considered: 

  • at local level: atlases on land use
  • at regional level: atlases on territorial identity through its heritage
  • participative atlases created with the help of local inhabitants

The Loire Valley workgroup decided to meet together again to consider an experiment on a pilot site, which might consist of producing a landscape atlas transcribing town-planning dynamics in comparison with winegrowing areas. The continuing spread of urbanisation exerts major pressure on cultivated land, and is one of the major issues identified in the Loire Valley World Heritage site Management Plan. 

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On this website

MyVitour, a blog for the public at large

10 World Heritage European vineyards have committed themselves to the preservation and enhancement of winegrowing landscapes through the European Vitour Landscape project. The 10 theme-based seminars enabled identification of over 50 good landscape practices in terms of ecology (biodiversity, climate and rivers), development (planning and transport) and cultural heritage (architecture, vineyard tours and event organisation). 

The blog provides an opportunity for one and all to acquaint themselves with the actions implemented in each vineyard and ascertain that we are doing our best to hand on this remarkable heritage to future generations. 

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