Vignes, Vins, Randos (Vines, Wines and Walks): a cultivating experience!

Published on 02 August 2019 - Updated 03 September 2019
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On 31 August and 1 September 2019, the Loire Valley winegrowers will be offering 17 different walks in the heart of their vineyards. Bring your family and friends and enjoy these sociable and delicious walks in the Loire Valley vineyards.

Vines, Wines and Walks in the Val-de-Loire are 17 delicious walks in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards, to be enjoyed by individuals, families and friends.  

You will be accompanied by the winegrowers, who will share their passion and their know-how; enjoy the Region’s magnificent vine-covered landscape and rich heritage, and discover the secrets that lie behind the production of its colourful wines.  

For this 2019 edition, 3 new designations have come on board: Saumur-puy-notre-dame, Touraine-chenonceaux & Coteaux-du-vendômois. With its new tours and the opportunity to discover its 3 new designations, VVR will be a thrilling new experience!  

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