Upgrade to the Musée des Mariniers de Loire in Anjou

Published on 14 September 2018 - Updated 26 October 2018
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In 2018, the Musée "Loire et métiers" des mariniers de Loire ("Loire and its trades" Loire Boatmen Museum) in Anjou completed its upgrade: bigger, redesigned displays and a new exhibition were all part of this makeover to provide an opportunity to (re)discover the riverboat history of the Loire.

Entrusted by the château de Montsoreau, the unique collection of largescale models of Loire river craft, illustrating the history of navigation and life on the royal river, can at last be seen in its entirety. 

The 2018 temporary exhibition around the well-known story of the ‘VER-VERT’ parrot, the book written by Jean-Baptiste Gresset in the 18th century and known to all sailors from Nantes to Nevers, allows you to access the Museum’s entire collection. Historic objects and unique documents, many of them rare, take us into the world of these sailors who sailed the world and made their contributions to the wealth of France through maritime Loire. 

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