Two new tools for getting acquainted with heritage

Published on 03 December 2014 - Updated 19 December 2014
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An audio-tactile work on the Chateau d’Angers’ Apocalypse tapestry, and a new leaflet issued by Orleans’ City of Art and History Department.

“La Tenture de l’Apocalypse d’Angers”

This audio-tactile work on the Angers Apocalypse Tapestry is designed for the visually impaired and published by Éditions du Patrimoine in their “Sensitinéraires” series. The fifth title in this unusual series, this new addition enables its purchasers to use their fingertips to discover the richly coloured panels of the oldest and largest medieval tapestry still under conservation, presented in its Angevin setting. 

It was designed in collaboration with IRAG (Institut pour la Recherche d’Applications Gravées / institute for research on engraved applications), which specialises in audio-tactile developments, with the exclusive sponsorship of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 

Editions du Patrimoine  

December 2014 – Price: €36 

30 tactile plates – 60-page full-colour booklet – Daisy-format CD 

Laissez-Vous Conter Charles Péguy  

Orleans’ City of Art and History Department has published a new leaflet in partnership with the Centre Charles Péguy on the occasion of the inauguration of their new room devoted to this great writer. 

The French author Charles Péguy was born in Orleans in 1873 and was killed on the front in 1914. A poet and a committed thinker of his day, he is one of the major 20th-century writers whose work is largely unknown nowadays. Laissez-Vous Conter Charles Péguy (Let me tell you about Charles Péguy) is designed to acquaint readers with the man and his work. 

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