Two great books on world heritage

Published on 21 November 2008 - Updated 22 December 2010
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Two gift ideas for Christmas with a book of photos of sites around the world, and another on French World Heritage sites.


Places of wonder & discovery

Publisher: Our Place

The first in a series of 10 volumes produced in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this book features more than 350 original photographs of 50 World Heritage sites in 35 countries.

Patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco - Les sites français

Jean-Jacques Gelbart , Jacques Pierron

Editions Gelbart - ISBN: 978-2-917102-01-5

In bookshops now.


Since 1979, twenty-three French sites have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. In order to give them the credit they deserve, this book brings them together in the order in which they were recognised by UNESCO. There are nearly five hundred photographs by Jean-Jacques Gelbart, with texts by Jacques Pierron, making this book a personal, sensitive, human journey which reveals and adds to our understanding of a significant proportion of French heritage.


CC BY-NC-SA Imola Gebauer / Mission Val de Loire


[Fr] Chargé·e de mission Paysage (CDD, 3 ans)

La Mission Val de Loire recrute un·e chargé·e de mission Paysage sur un contrat de projet pour une durée de trois ans. Sous la direction du directeur,...

Fontevraud-l'Abbaye. CC BY-NC-SA Francis Vautier / Mission Val de Loire


[Fr] Le parc Loire-Anjou-Touraine recrute

Le ou la référent·e "éducation et valorisation de l’offre touristique" sera responsable de la conception, de la réalisation et de l'évaluation des...


[Fr] Résidences de jeunes artistes en Val de Loire

Cette année encore, la Mission Val de Loire accueille des jeunes artistes en résidence pour interroger notre relation aux paysages ligériens et renouveler...