Tourism, Culture and Digital Technology

Published on 20 April 2017 - Updated 23 June 2017
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A day devoted to this theme brought together almost one hundred regional stakeholders on 6 April 2017 at Domaine National de Chambord. It was organised jointly by the Centre-Val de Loire Region (Culture and Heritage Department and Tourism Department), Tourism, Heritage and Visitor Sites Cluster, Domaine de Chambord and CLIC France (Innovation & Culture Club).

In his introductory remarks, Pierre-Yves Lochon, Director of CLIC France, emphasised a few current trends for visitor sites around the notion of cooperation

  • With visitors getting actively involved: exhibition co-curations, contributions to content, participatory funding, etc.
  • With businesses: incubation by institutions, calls for proposals, regional initiatives (French tech, fablab, etc.)
  • Between institutions: pooling and producing tools which can be reused by other sites and locations

Some feedback was used to illustrate these trends: 

  • exhibition co-curation with young people by the museums in Poitiers
  • use of social media by the museums in Toulouse and Domaine National de Chambord
    • During the very emotional time caused by the floods at Chambord, the Domaine's Facebook community really came into its own; the reactivity of the teams in terms of taking part in the conversation enabled everyone to rally together.

Some feedback was connected with the use of tablets and augmented reality (Chambord, Beaugency and Selle-sur-Cher). 


This day formed part of CLIC France's regional forums. Other forums will be organised by CLIC France on 1 8 & 19 September 2017 in Nantes .