The urban traces of the slate industry

Published on 23 October 2015 - Updated 05 November 2015
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The digital museum in Trélazé would like to preserve, teach about and showcase the town's heritage and keep the memory of its industrial history alive for visitors – just as it is still etched in local minds. A new exhibition that will change over time looks back at how slate and its mining and use through the centuries have well and truly shaped the urban layout of Trélazé today.

The exhibition présents  

  • evolutive maps illustrating the town at three different stages, with extra information about some sites (visuals, texts or audio/video personal accounts)
  • archive documents and texts
  • visuals and audio and/or video accounts from Trélazé residents
  • chronological pointers associated with the town's slate history
  • a bibliography


On its listed site, the slate museum in Trélazé harbours remains of a drainage wind mill. Called the Union, this mill was built in the first half of the 19th century and is the last remaining example of a mill for water drainage purposes in France.
subscription  has been launched with the Heritage Foundation to restore it.  


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