The Royal Château of Amboise lights up

Published on 17 November 2016 - Updated 20 December 2016
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After spending a few years in darkness, the château is back in its rightful place in the city of Amboise’s nocturnal landscape. A new external lighting system illuminating its northern ramparts has been in operation since the latest European Heritage Days.

Lighting is fixed during the week but goes into action on weekends, with white light from a series of four lighting boards set in motion to emphasise different features of the chateau’s decor. Colour also makes spontaneous appearances in the show during the festive season. 

LED lighting technologies have enabled significant reduction in electricity consumption and consequently in the cost of operating this kind of installation, while also reducing light pollution as the system does not operate all night. 

The €350,000 system was financed by the Saint-Louis Foundation and the city of Amboise, with the support of the Centre-Loire Valley region and the Parliamentary reserve. 

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Vue sur le village et le château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Licence CC BY-NC-SA Francis Vautier / Mission Val de Loire


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