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Published on 30 October 2012 - Updated 09 November 2012
Cet article date d'il y a plus de 9 ans

The interregional syndicat mixte (joint venture between public authorities of various types) Mission Val de Loire, founded in 2002 by the Centre and Pays de la Loire Regions, has done all sorts of things over the past ten years to raise awareness, bring together and mobilise stakeholders of the Loire Valley World Heritage. Thanks to this experience, it is called on at regular intervals to speak at conferences or symposia, as is the case this autumn.

International Day of Cultural Tourism

Paris, 20th September 2012 

This was a day organised as part of the IFTM Top Resa professional tourism and travel exhibition in partnership with UNESCO, UNWTO, the EU, COUNCIL OF EUROPE, ICOMOS, IREST and with the input of countless contributors – all experts in their sector. It aimed at sparking dialogue between heritage protection stakeholders and tourism stakeholders with a view to protecting cultural resources so that they are passed down to future generations and to sustaining high-quality tourism over the long-term. 

Isabelle Longuet, Director of the Mission Val de Loire, took part in this conference: "Tourist management of cultural and natural World Heritage Sites and other sites: what are the challenges, solutions and obstacles?" 


Landscapes: visions, readings, constructions. From the sensitive approach to means of actions

Guebwiller, 4th & 5th October 2012 

This seminar was organised by the French National Association of Cities and Regions of Art and History and Cities in Safeguarded and Protected Areas ANVPAH & VSSP. It sought to capitalise on thoughts and experiences concerning the notion of landscape with a view to putting forward methods and tools for those local authorities looking to include landscape as a key feature of their development policy. 

Isabelle Longuet, Director of the Mission Val de Loire and Marylise Ortiz, Director of ANVPAH & VSSP drew up work prospects following the two-day seminar. 


Cultural Landscapes: Preservation Challengers in the 21st Century

Rutgers University (USA), 12th to 14th October 2012 

This conference brought together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to examine five main themes on the concept, implementation and management of historical urban and cultural landscapes. The objective of the interdisciplinary and prospective approach was to identify strategies for a ten-year action plan in these areas. 

Myriam Laidet, Sustainable Development policy officer, spoke in Panel 4: "Cultural Landscape Management: From the Ground Up". 


Poitiers' application to be a world heritage

Poitiers, 26th October 2012 

Isabelle Longuet, Director of the Mission Val de Loire, gave a speech during a conference cycle on the theme: "1972-2012: the 40 years of the World Heritage Convention


National Tourism Meetings

Paris, 7th November 2012 

Rémi Deleplancque, Education and Culture Policy Officer, is speaking during workshop 8: "History: new perspectives and new tourist projects". 

The wealth of France's history and its heritage – which extends well beyond its borders – harbours a significant range of tourist options, accessed and enhanced in an ever more varied array of forms. 

How is history evoked? What resonance and translation on the range of tourist options? How can memory be grasped and borne? How does this historical past, in tune with the concerns of the modern world, interfere in tourist practices? 

The contributors will debate how the tourism community uses history to reveal its workings and practices, highlight successes and consider potential avenues for progress.  


Listed vineyards: what opportunities for viticulture?

Beaune, 13th November 2012 

Organised by the Association of the Burgundy "climats", in partnership with the wine-making sector and State departments, the aim of this day is to review the economic situation of the last 20 years of vinegrowing and wine-making practice in the listed site, as well as to share the experience of other sites that have based their development on a landscape approach

Mickaël Poiroux, Vitour communications officer at the Mission Val de Loire, will be presenting the network at this event: "The network of World Heritage vineyards: feedback on the protection and enhancement of wine-making cultural landscapes". 



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