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Stories from the Loire and artistic installations in La Colombière for the EHD 2018

Published on 10 September 2018 - Updated 26 October 2018
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La Colombière, a place for creative endeavour and an artists’ residence in Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault (Gennes-Val de Loire), opens to the public for the European Heritage Days (EHD) to provide an opportunity to discover the work of Déborah Aubert and Ladislas Combeuil, in residence during the summer.

During his residence, Ladislas Combeuil, plastic artist and sculptor, decided to fill the available space at La Colombière and its terraced garden, overlooking the Loire with its panoramic view. His installations and arrangements thus help bring this elegant garden back to life, creating a dialogue with the river, making use of what might seem unusual materials, in shapes that are always contemporary. This location, an undoubted inspiration for Gustave Pimienta, has once again become an artist’s garden. 

For the EHD, Déborah Aubert, DPLG landscape designer and plastic artist, wanted to give the public the chance to hear the stories of locals. Based around the topic of their day-to-day relationships with the Loire, she illuminates the stories she collected, placing them in perspective with various expressions bringing together paintings, words and maps, creating a sort of “portrait sensible” (reactive portrait) of the area and helping give form to the relationships between residents and their river. 

Useful information: 

For more details about the residence: https://www.valdeloire.org/Actualites/Articles/Tous/Appel-a-candidature-4e-residence-d-artiste-a-La-Colombiere  

The Artist’s Residence at La Colombière is made possible thanks to a partnership between the Institut de France, Mission Val de Loire and the Gennes-Val-de-Loire municipality (Maine-et-Loire). It has been established to offer a creative residency on the theme of the cultural landscape of the Loire Valley and its portrayals. 



Licence CC BY-NC-SA Bruno Marmiroli / Mission Val de Loire


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