Solidarity with the “Rabouilleuse-École de Loire”

Published on 15 April 2016 - Updated 20 May 2016
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On the night of Sunday 3 / Monday 4 April 2016, the “Rabouilleuse-École de Loire” association’s boathouse, boats and restoration equipment were destroyed by arson. The GRAINE Centre network has launched an appeal for donations in support of the association, which is devoted to promotion of yachting on the Loire and an environmental approach to the Loire Valley site. Volunteer support groups are mobilising around the association’s single employee, Clément Sirgue, to keep activities on track, in particular organisation of the “La Petite Mussette” festival, the 3rd edition of “Plaisirs de Loire” (Pleasures of the Loire), in May 2016.

The “Rabouilleuse-École de Loire” association develops activities centred around sailing on the Loire 

  • Education (understanding of the natural environment and training in sailing techniques),
  • Integration (participatory projects),
  • Tourism (rentals and boat trips),
  • Nautical crafts (sailboat design and construction).

The association’s activities contribute to appropriation of the values inherent in the Loire Valley’s inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

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To help remedy the considerable damage done, the GRAINE Centre-Loire Valley network has initiated a participatory financing campaign. Donations will be paid to the “Rabouilleuse-École de Loire” association to enable it to purchase boatbuilding equipment, tools, sails, and everything else necessary to its reconstruction. 

GRAINE Centre is an environmental education (EE) network in the Centre Region bringing together facilitators, teachers, technicians, local government officials, associations, schools, local authorities and companies whose missions include information, awareness-raising and EE, and sustainable development. 

The “Rabouilleuse-École de Loire” is a committed GRAINE Centre-Loire Valley network member.  

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La Petite Mussette  

On 21 and 22 May 2016, from Tours to Rochecorbon, this 3rd edition of “Plaisirs de Loire” (Pleasures of the Loire) revels in diversity: giant picnic, ramble, horses, bikes, Rabouillathlon, brass band, forum, boats, lectures, exhibitions, circus, wine tasting, concerts, and more besides… 

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CC BY-NC-SA Imola Gebauer / Mission Val de Loire


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