Rescuing the 18th century Music Pavilion at Château de Meung-sur-Loire

Published on 28 May 2018 - Updated 14 June 2018
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Acquired in 2010 by a family passionate about heritage, Château de Meung-sur-Loire is slowing and steadily being restored. Its 18th century music pavilion, however, is in a very dilapidated state and this is why a fundraising campaign has been launched to secure and stabilise the building – and perhaps even restore it if sufficient funds are raised.

Description of the pavilion on the website 

This Pavilion is an attractive late-18th century edifice inspired by the Follies of the time. An elegant staircase opens out onto a terrace overlooking the Loire, a stucco-adorned vaulted room still echoes with the sounds of the bishop’s recitals and a room, underground, was probably used as a dairy reminiscent of the delightful pre-Romanticism of Marie-Antoinette at the Petit Trianon of Versailles. 

In its original state, this Folly is an exquisite witness to the French style that Mme de Pompadour, a neighbour of the bishop of Orléans (her château is in Ménars, not far from Meung), promoted in France. 

Rescuing then restoring

Today, the terrace is leaking, the tuffeau stones are eroding away and the archways are crumbling … This isn’t a question of restoration, but rescue! Hence the aim of the fundraising campaign. We wish to halt the subsidence and falling stones and stabilise and protect this building so that we can then begin to restore it. 

The fundraising campaign is open for another fortnight; the €13,000 needed to save the building still hasn’t been reached. 

If you would like to contribute, go to: