ReNom: a journey through the works of Rabelais and Ronsard

Published on 31 May 2013 - Updated 10 June 2013
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The ReNom website creates an interactive map enabling tourists and literature lovers to browse the places and learn about the characters in Rabelais' and Ronsard's works. ReNom is a project developed by the team of Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes from the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance together with the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Tours.

Funded in part by the Centre Region through the 2011 regional call for proposals, the project seeks above all to promote the places in the region and its surrounding areas that are mentioned in the texts and to encourage literary tourism in an instructive and enjoyable way. Its purpose is both cultural and touristic, by helping to promote the regional literary heritage and offering new prospects for use by stakeholders in the field. 

All of these tools will be accessible in early 2014 on a website developed by the firm Supersoniks. These resources will ultimately be available on mobile terminals as well. 


Marie Olivron, Promotion and Cooperation Officer of the ReNom project 

Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes 

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