Perform it like Vinci!

Published on 11 March 2019 - Updated 29 March 2019
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The Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council for Youth is organising an artistic competition on the Renaissance theme in partnership with Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise. This initiative is part of the Region's 500th anniversary celebrations of the Renaissance.

Young people between 15 and 27 years of age are being encouraged to create or stage new versions of works from this prolific period. The competition is multidisciplinary, which means entries can be inspired by any Renaissance style work created between 1450 and 1600. They may take the form of a painting, photograph, sculpture, video or stage performance (dance, play, music) lasting no more than 5 minutes.  

The most original creations will be singled out by a jury on Saturday 1 June 2019 at Château du Clos Lucé.  

Entry conditions:

  • 15-27 years of age
  • resident, student and/or professional in the Centre-Val de Loire region
  • you can participate alone or in a group of up to 5 people.

Closing date for entries: 30 April 2019  

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