Orléans in 2025, the exhibition

Published on 29 November 2012 - Updated 07 December 2012
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The Orléans Fine Arts Museum will be hosting this exhibition from 7th December 2012 to 10th February 2013. After the first exhibition on town planning organised in 2006, the City Hall would like to put another exhibition on for inhabitants, this time giving them a vision of Orléans in 2025. More than a mere proposal, this exhibition offers the opportunity to broach questions concerning the urban development process of a city.

For a decade or so now, the City Hall, aware of the lack of image and facilities of its city, has sought to make the Orléans area an appealing place to be once again. To this end, it has particularly begun to diversify the commercial services on offer as well as public facilities, improve housing and make its public spaces more attractive. 

All of these initiatives will be presented in the Orléans in 2025 exhibition and put into fresh perspective in relation to a long-term vision of the city. 

To enable all of the issues facing an area like Orléans to be addressed, four main sequences are proposed: 

  • Capital city
  • Centre city
  • Changing city
  • Sustainable city

To appeal to as many visitors as possible, a range of accompanying activities has been dreamt up: 

  • The "introductory" pathway crosses the various sequences of the exhibition and will be materialised through a floor frieze of key figures, such as to confirm the prospects by 2025.
  • The sequences are also illustrated through maps, videos and richly written and decorated panels (47 in total), a mixture of photos and projections of projects that have been carried out or are in the pipeline. The provision of a 3D digital model installed on five touch tables giving a clearer insight into all of the projects managed by the Orléans City Hall.
  • The exhibition will continue outdoors in the form of a virtual outing offering a prospective view of the city thanks to the iPhone app developed by students from the Orléans Graduate School of Art and Design.

A programme of conferences is also planned on such topics as: City and Landscapes, the Challenge of cities, Capital City and Digital City. 



© ABFPM / Olivier Sampson


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