Olivier Debré centenary

Published on 06 July 2020 - Updated 04 January 2021
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Olivier Debré would have turned 100 in 2020. The CCC OD’s artistic programme has plans for a series of external exhibitions this year, rounded off in the autumn with a sweeping exhibition at the art centre itself. Exploring the artist-architect Debré, it will also juxtapose his works alongside showpieces by contemporary artists.

Olivier Debré // La peinture à l’épreuve

4 July-20 September - Amboise  

Taking up the invitation of its partner Le Garage, a young art centre in Amboise, the CCC OD dreamt up an exhibition of previously unseen paintings by the artist to be hosted in this venue over the summer of 2020, underscoring his fascination in a constantly evolving experimental artistic practice. The aim here is to consider the question of the artist’s work, his workspace, how his techniques take shape, the creative process, the pitfalls and surprises along the way.  

An exhibition curated by the CCC OD and produced by Le Garage.  

Olivier Debré in Chinon

1 July-1 November - Chinon
Exhibition of 5 collages fashioned for the stained-glass windows of Saint Mexme collegiate church in Chinon, which will be put on public display for the first time at Le Carroi Art and History Museum from 1 July until 1 November 2020.  

The stained-glass windows will be on show during the guided tours “couleurs de la collégiale Saint-Mexme”, from 9 July until 30 August, every Sunday and Wednesday.  

Vivien Roubaud // Scalaire

10 July-22 September - Tours  

For his exhibition at the CCC OD, and as a prelude to the autumn programme on links between art and architecture, Vivien Roubaud is setting up shop in the main gallery as if it were a laboratory. There he is developing a prototype giving material form to the uninterrupted dance of countless airflows, which we are constantly passing through without being able to notice them. 

Étendue, corps, espace. olivier debré et les artistes-architectes

16 October 2020-28 March 2021 - Tours  

Strokes, lines, movement and techniques which compose and recompose to sketch out a trajectory: everything in the graphic, pictorial and sculpted oeuvre of Olivier Debré bears some relation with the architectural notion of structure. When the artist constructs his paintings, he looks at them as if an architect. This exhibition sets out to bring together, around the figure of Olivier Debré, artists who, still today, are shaping their artistic thought around the foundations and principles associated with the discipline of architecture.  

Signes personnages d’Olivier Debré

19 September-15 November - Mont-Saint-Michel  

Invited by the Normandie Impressionniste Festival to participate in its contemporary art trail, the CCC OD has curated an exhibition entitled “Character signs by Olivier Debré” at Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the centenary of the artist’s birth, by sharing more widely the drawings in the CCC OD’s collections.  

Tours Fine Arts Museum

18 December 2020-14 April 2021  

In keeping with the CCC OD exhibition on the contribution that architecture has made to Olivier Debré’s work, Tours Fine Arts Museum is putting on a more retrospective visitor trail, going back over the main artistic milestones that marked the artist’s career.  

Online:  https://www.cccod.fr/centenaire/ 



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