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Loire Valley World Heritage: the grounds and characteristics required for UNESCO-listed status

Published on 24 May 2019 - Updated 18 June 2019
Cet article date d'il y a plus de 2 ans

The Mission Val-de-Loire World Heritage and the CCCOD (Olivier Debré Contemporary Creation Centre) are organising a conference, which is to take place on Thursday 20 June, on the grounds and characteristics required for the Loire Valley’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is the 5th conference in the cycle devoted to the Loire Valley landscape and its images.

A summary of the lecture

As an example of a living, evolving cultural landscape, the Loire Valley has been included in the World Heritage List since November 2000. The perimeter selected, from Sully-sur-Loire in the département of the Loiret to Chalonnes–sur-Loire in that of the Maine-et-Loire, represents a 280 km-long, 800 km2 strip bordering the river Loire, extending along the hillside wherever possible and incorporating a number of villages and historic town and city centres.  

But what criteria were used in its selection? What does the concept of a cultural landscape actually imply? Is UNESCO-listed status synonymous with restrictions? What are the implications and consequences in terms of public policy?  

The intention is to focus on providing answers to all these persistent questions which affect the day-to-day management of a listed site, whilst also addressing the sharing and transmission of internationally-established and acknowledged values.  

The speaker

After graduating with a degree in Literature, Archaeology and History of Art, Rémi Deleplancque was initially employed by the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs (Central Union of Decorative Arts). He subsequently occupied various positions – project manager and head of department — within cultural engineering and heritage development agencies. He went on to become an advisor for arts education and cultural action within the Ministry of Culture’s French Museums Directorate. Since 2002, he has been the Mission Val-de-Loire World Heritage’s official representative; his specific responsibilities include heritage development and cultural mediation projects involving the listed area.  

Practical Info

6.30 pm on Thursday 20 June, at the CCCOD 

Jardin François 1er 37000 Tours  

+33 (0)2 47 66 50 00 - contact@cccod.fr  

Admission: €4  


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