“Landscape and the residential environment”

Published on 24 May 2007 - Updated 22 December 2010
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On Thursday 7 June, a meeting with the landscape designer Michel PENA, organised by the International Conservatory for Parks, Gardens and the Landscape.

Michel PENA will give a presentation featuring his most distinctive achievements, including:
- the Parc Jean Moulin at Bagnolet-Montreuil for the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, made up of a terrace with a view over Paris, a more intimate and wilder garden and a lake crossed by footbridges
- the Parc Cino del Duca at Maisons-Alfort made up of long lines of stones forming terraces that shelter a sunken garden.

Michel Pena will explain the various different approaches that are possible in response to the requirements of the contracting authority in the context of residential environmental planning or urban restructuring. A member of a contracting authority will also speak about his experiences and will look in particular at management of the project and its impact on tenants.

This meeting will continue throughout the day from 9:00 to 17:30 and will include, in addition to the lecture, breakfast and lunch and a themed visit to the 2007 Gardens Festival.

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