Great Rivers of the World Biennial: the Danube

Published on 26 March 2018 - Updated 17 April 2018
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The 5th Great Rivers of the World Biennial will run from April to June, giving pride of place to the Danube. Organised by the Maison de Loire in Anjou and the municipality of Loire-Authion, this event will be teeming with festive, cultural and sociable activities open to everyone!

This year, the Great Rivers of the World Biennial is being organised around 3 main events. 

Encounters on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 April: 2 days where Loire and Danube residents can get together and share views, on the theme of promoting riverbanks for tourism purposes: exploring protected nature spots, major cycling trails such as the Loire à vélo and its counterpart the EuroVélo 6, as well as the river cultural centres. Conferences and roundtable sessions will be held on Day 1, while Day 2 will take you to Saumur on discovery of the Loire heritage (field visits) and the fortifications in the Danube Valley. Mission Val de Loire will make the most of this opportunity to talk about the showcasing of heritage in the context of the Unesco listing. 

Four thematic evenings: to find out more about the guest river and gain an insight into its different facets: cinema screening, conference, conversations, travel account ... different forms to suit different tastes. These evenings, most of which will be freely accessible, all bear on the guest river or the culture of the countries it flows through. 

  • Travel accounts evening on Thursday 12 April in Andard
  • Movie evening on Friday 20 April in Corné
  • Evening with the Solidex association on their plans on the Eurovélo 6, Friday 18 May in Brain-sur-l'Authion
  • Musical evening on Thursday 24 May at La Bohalle

River festivals on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June: Port Maillard will deck itself out in the colours of the Loire, interwoven with influences from the countries through which the Danube flows. Young and old alike will have fun learning more about the appealing and distinctive features of these two rivers, through musical entertainment, travel accounts, storytelling, workshops, exhibitions, sports challenges and readings... And don't forget the Tralalaïtou dinner dance to the drumbeat of the Eastern countries! 

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Licence CC BY-NC-SA Bruno Marmiroli / Mission Val de Loire


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