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  • For its 100th issue, the magazine “La Loire et ses terroirs” was graced with a new look!

For its 100th issue, the magazine “La Loire et ses terroirs” was graced with a new look!

Published on 24 July 2018 - Updated 02 August 2018
Cet article date d'il y a plus de 3 ans

For 25 years now, Philippe Auclerc has been overseeing the magazine “La Loire et ses terroirs” – whose 100th issue came out in September 2017. To mark the occasion, the magazine adopted a welcome new editorial strategy and visual identity, to continue to attract readers to and safeguard this encyclopaedia of the Loire which is constantly developing.

To address the difficulties with which a great many publishers are grappling, the magazine wanted to reinvent itself after 25 years in business and 100 issues. The layout has been given a modern makeover and its publication will be spaced out, with the magazine now only coming out twice a year. 

Other plans are also in the pipeline for subscribers, tapping into current possibilities offered up by the web (the latest issue can be read online, there is an article search, short videos and an image bank, etc.).  

Inside this 100th issue you can find: 

  • an interview with Isabelle Longuet, Director of Mission Val de Loire, on the way the Loire Valley has changed since its inclusion on the World Heritage List in 2000, and on Mission Val de Loire's role and what it does;
  • an article on Loire landscapes by Louis-Marie Coyaud, one of the two authors of the Unesco listing application;
  • the portrait of Bruno Perdriau, a traditional Loire boat carpenter
  • the viewpoint of Jean-François Souchard, a photographer and canoe guide, on the rise in leisure and tourism activities on the Loire;
  • an article on managing the dykes of the Loire basin and its tributaries;
  • the story of how a branch of the Loire was reclaimed in Blois;
  • along with a host of other articles!

With each new issue, “La Loire et ses terroirs” continues to build a collection delving into the history, heritage and politics of the Loire basin. It is the only periodical to cover the whole of the basin. 

Issue 101 came out in the first half of 2018, tackling two main themes: “Millstone: from its extraction to its transportation” and “Navigation on the Loire: the beginning of a revolution”. 

Where can you buy “La Loire et ses terroirs”?

Since the 100th issue, the magazine has no longer been on sale in newsagents, but in bookshops.  

It can be ordered from the publisher Loire et terroirs (37, rue du Cas Rouge 45800 Combleux) or at bookshop stockists. For example: 

  • Loiret (45): Orléans, Nouvelle bookshop; Gien, Bedu bookshop & newsagent
  • Loir-et-Cher (41): Blois, Labbé bookshop
  • Indre-et-Loire (37): Amboise, Lu et Approuvé bookshop & newsagent; Tours, La Boîte à livres bookshop; Bourgueil Hyper U
  • Maine-et-Loire (49): Saumur, le Livre à venir bookshop; Angers, Richer bookshop

Retail price: €15 - Free delivery 



© ABFPM / Olivier Sampson


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