Festival de Loire 2017

Published on 07 September 2017 - Updated 21 September 2017
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From 20 until 24 September 2017, the Festival de Loire is putting on a five-day festival to celebrate the Loire, its culture and its art of living. For this occasion, the quays are setting the scene to welcome over 200 boats from the Loire and other guest European rivers. A whole host of educational activities and festivities around river heritage await you, as well as an entire artistic programme.

For the 2017 edition, the guest river is the Ebro in Spain and the guest region is Pertuis Charentais. This French region will take pride of place, in particular with regard to oyster farming, ropework, and its traditional boats. The lead ship in the flotilla will be the longboat Hermione. 


Trips on the Loire and the canal should not be missed, but the Festival is offering much more besides. 

Highlights on the Loire

Wednesday 20 at 5 pm: Official opening of the Festival 

Saturday 23 at 10 pm: "Dans le sillage des hommes de Loire" (In the wake of the people of the Loire), Festival de Loire 2017 Performance 

Sunday 24 at 3 pm: Procession decked out with flags. Parade of all the boats in the Festival. 

The villages

The village of "Terres de l’Ebre" (Spain) 

The village of the rivers of France 

The village of the "Canal d'Orléans" 

The village of Loire bargees 

The village of water sports professionals 


Discover world heritage

"Ports of the Loire" Exhibition

Between 20 and 24 September 2017, Mission Val de Loire invites you to discover this exhibition in Jardin Hélène Cadou. 

The toponymy of the Loire Valley World Heritage site still demonstrates to this day how the river has been used, especially in terms of boarding boats. 

"Port Boulet", "Port Charbonnier", "Port Poisson", "Port Saint-Maur" and "Port Thibaut" demonstrate how the relationship to water and access to the river are omnipresent. 

You may be surprised by the vast number of ports dotted along the course of the river. 

This is a territory punctuated with distinctive landmarks. The amount of infrastructure illustrates how much the Loire was used: omnipresent, intense and essential. 

"Loire Valley World Heritage: actions and heritage" conference

Friday 22 September at 3:30 pm, on the banks of the Loire, 14 quai du Châtelet. 

Mission Val de Loire is organising a conference on the UNESCO listing and work which has resulted from it with the various stakeholders and local authorities, before paying particular attention to ports of the Loire – distinct heritage which is very much a component of this cultural landscape. 

The second part of the conference will be put together by Valérie Mauret-Cribellier, from the Heritage Inventory Directorate of the Centre-Val de Loire Region, and will focus on ports and structures along the River Loire. 

Orléans over the centuries, south-bank view

Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September at 10 am, hop on your bike to discover how the town has developed and how settlement occurred on the south and north banks through archive images and evidence which can still be found in the town. Tour carried out by a guide-lecturer from the Ville d’art et d’histoire (Town of Art and History) department of Orléans. 

Free on registration. 

Check out the entire programme at:



CC BY-NC-SA Imola Gebauer / Mission Val de Loire


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