“Entre Loire et Océane”, winner of the first Mécène et Loire grant

Published on 15 February 2011 - Updated 24 February 2011
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The 24 companies that set up the Mécène et Loire Foundation awarded their first Mécène et Loire grant, worth 45,000 €, to photographer Jérémie Lenoir, so adding their support to this major project of original work on the theme of “Art, innovation and economy in Anjou”.

Anjou’s dynamic and diversified activity is transforming its landscapes and bringing about constant change in its territories. Agriculture, industries and businesses are enjoying fresh life, and towns, leisure areas and paths of communication are putting on new faces; Maine-et-Loire is taking good care of its rich heritage while at the same time taking its policies and economy in modern and innovative directions.  

“Entre Loire et Océane” aims to follow this temporal in-between via a geographical in-between: the project is being carried out along that historic natural highway, the Loire, and its contemporary manmade counterpart, the Océane motorway. 

The objective of the proposed work is production of a large-scale photographic installation enabling 3D display of aerial photographs taken over the chosen geographical space. The structure will invite visitors to travel above Maine-et-Loire, experiencing multiple viewpoints and scales, and immersed in a journey as appealing to the senses as it is committed. 

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Vue sur le village et le château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Licence CC BY-NC-SA Francis Vautier / Mission Val de Loire


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