A call for donations for designing contemporary stained-glass windows in Le Thoureil’s church

Published on 04 January 2019 - Updated 30 January 2019
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The Fondation du Patrimoine is setting up a fund for designing contemporary stained-glass windows in Saint Génulf Church, Le Thoureil.

The artist Tahar Ben Jelloun, a member of the writers' Académie Goncourt and painter, has been selected to design these stained-glass windows in a symbolic bid to nurture exchanges between the Mediterranean world and the European continent, at a time when we are called to unite, converse and demonstrate an open mind to other ways of thinking. His works are exhibited across a number of galleries worldwide. They convey a sense of complete freedom, steeped in a wealth of cultures and honed as travels and encounters take place and knowledge is gained. In Tahar Ben Jelloun's view: "the church is unassuming. Stained-glass windows in colours that are reminiscent of both the Loire and the Mediterranean might endow it with a more striking, more open presence. May this initiative give this little church more stature and complicity with the Loire. Stained-glass windows that come to life in the dancing light can only add joyful spirit to a spirituality that fills people with a sense of happiness. " 

The eight stained-glass windows designed at the turn of the 19th century, composed of clear, diamond-shaped panes, currently let through too much harsh light. 

Online: https://www.fondation-patrimoine.org/l-actualite/liste-des-actualites/l-artiste-tahar-ben-jelloun-realise-les-vitraux-de-l-eglise-saint-genulf  

For more information: L’ artiste Tahar Ben Jelloun réalise les vitraux de l’ église du Thoureil, Petite cité de caractère de Maine-et-Loire  



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