“Clean Loire” operation on 3 March!

Published on 11 February 2019 - Updated 14 January 2020
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On Saturday 3 March the “Clean Loire” operation will take place, a far-reaching operation to pick up any litter on the banks of the Loire, from its source to its estuary, organised by the Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife Habitats for the past few years. This event is carried out with input from countless hunting, fishing, sports and Loire boating associations as well as inhabitants and elected officials.

Anyone wanting to take part in the operation can do so. Come and register for free, on-site. High-visibility jackets, gloves and rubbish bags are handed out to each volunteer, and a complimentary glass of wine will be served to everyone at the end of the morning. 

Due to its contribution to Loire landscape preservation, this is an officially recognised “Loire Valley World Heritage” operation. 


Meeting points for the “J’aime le Loire propre” operation