Blois and Angers, 30 years of the “Town of Art and History” label

Published on 07 April 2016 - Updated 30 May 2017
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To mark the 30th anniversary of their obtainment of the “Town of Art and History” label, the Cities of Blois and Angers have concocted highly original event programmes designed to acquaint visitors with their respective heritages. The City of Blois has also inaugurated a new series of booklets entitled "Focus sur Blois", which aims to bring mediation, spatial planning issues and the specificities of the city’s urban landscape together through the medium of history.


The first issue of “Focus sur Blois” explores the Vienne District, following the exhibition mounted in the public space in summer 2015 while reclassification work was being carried out, during the last World Heritage Mediation Meetings. 

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The “Town of Art and History” label has been delivered by the Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1985; it is awarded to towns and regions which make best use of their heritage and architecture through research, restoration and mediation. 

  > Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire in the Loire Valley  

The second issue is devoted to the Royal Château of Blois’ vanished gardens

The Booklets are disseminated free of charge. 


The event programme for summer 2016 invites visitors to make full use of their senses. 

And what if heritage could be discovered through simply stroking a stone, through the delicate scent of a rose, through the play of light in a cemetery, through a bar of chocolate whose every bite conjures up the image of a city neighbourhood, or through a piece of music with the power to make the walls of a monument dance? 

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To mark the anniversary, the City of Angers is organising visits, lectures and family workshops facilitated by guides, academics, research professionals, associations and Angevin artists

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Illustration de la typographie "Faune" créée par Alice Savoie.
Alice Savoie


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