“Beaugency. L’évolution d’une ville en Val de Loire”

Published on 29 March 2013 - Updated 17 April 2013
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This book, published by the Directorate of the Centre Region’s General Inventory in the “Cahiers du patrimoine” series (no.103), is the fruit of a General Inventory of Cultural Heritage operation covering the entire canton. It provides a summary of Beaugency’s urban and architectural development from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, preceded by an overview of the site’s occupation in earlier days.

Like many other towns in the Loire Valley, Beaugency went through a period of considerable prosperity during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as is evidenced by such major monuments as the donjon, the bridge, Notre-Dame church, the Tour du Change and the Town Hall. Edifices on a more modest scale – houses, shops, squares, marketplaces cemeteries, port and mills – also help us understand how the town was occupied, enlarged and laid out over the course of the centuries. 

Putting local facts and figures into a wider, regional and national context, the work complements the series of urban heritage studies that has been appearing since the 1990s. 


Text: Daniel Bontemps and Jacques Asklund
Photographs: Mariusz Hermanowicz, François Lauginie and Robert Malnoury 

Editions Lieux Dits - March 2013
272 pages 


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Licence CC BY-NC-SA Bruno Marmiroli / Mission Val de Loire


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